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In the Kaokaveld of Northern Namibia is a mountain called Omukuruwaro. An eternal monument to the mysteries of human prehistory. The 'Mountain of the Gods' has been known to inhabitants of the area for millennia before the German occupation of Namibia (then South West Africa) named it 'Brandberg'.


In February 1917, Reinhard Maack, a fugitive prisoner of war travelling under the assumed name of Hans Ritter, was negotiating the Tsisab Ravine near the Brandberg Mountain with two companions when he stumbled across the entrance to a cave, now known as Maack's cave. It had long been known to the San as the 'Cave of Memory'. The cave is thought to have been a ceremonial place. It is only 5.5 m long and 2 meters high. It hosts a giant rock frieze 16ft. long and 8 ft. high which has been painted on by many generations of artists. Some say that it's the most controversial rock painting in Southern Africa. Some of the figures painted on the wall are now thought to be more than 20,000 years old but the focal attraction of the frieze is The 'White Lady'.


The 'White Lady' stands 40 cm's tall and is painted in four colours. She holds a strange goblet or sceptre-like symbol in her right hand, a white bow and arrow in the other. It is noted as the only pre-flood rock painting in Southern Africa which shows a westernised female holding a chalice out in which a fire of some kind of fire burns. Surrounding her strange unexplained mythical creatures appear to fly on crosses. In 1948, Abbe' Breuil, a post war authority on prehistoric rock art wrote an article on her postulating she might be of Egyptian or Cretan origin. However most authorities believe that the figure actually portrays a young Herero man daubed with white clay undergoing some rite or ceremony. The cave has been known to San for millennia.


Reality-check time

Rumour has it that we may soon see the arrival of two opposing invasion fleets in our Solar System. Earth is somehow involved in a battle. But this may also be a battle which takes place within each of us and within all mankind. Some call this; "The war of 'The Son's Of Light' against the 'Sons of Darkness'", others call it, "The Battle of Forever".

 It is also rumoured that we have powerful unseen allies who understand the danger of this pattern. The multiverse may well be at stake while we watch this story unfold. So if you wish to survive look kindly upon these words, or the invasion of Terra will end in Domination of mankind and we'll be prisoners of Earth forever. We'll have no starpath, our soulmates will be torn from us, and our cultures will be as they'd never existed.

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