------------It Never Gets


Enough For Me-----------

LOCATION: Your Monitor Screen

ZONE: Your Brain

TIME: Eon Shift

Watch the majestic colours of the trinary's rays from your chamber's balcony.

Let the scent of the lush estuary waft up to you.

The combination makes you drowsy

and unmotivated to join the life



that surrounds you.

Retire to your bed.

Dream the kind of dreams

that you choose to dream.

Not the other sort.

The sort that hurt.

Somehow, in some strange deep way,

benevolence will penetrate

your fortress of loneliness.

Look into my eyes

You get weird perception changes

Like nothing you've ever experienced before.

[PAY ANY PRICE].........Dingling....

Feel an itching sensation in your forehead.

Somethin is creeping up on you.

Scan the chamber 360.

There nothing there, right?


Again, that strange tickle.


Look into my yellow irised eyes.

"Did you say something?"

I shake my head emphatically.

Madness is still on standby.

Lie back passively and wait.

After a long silence...

"I'm pleased you took that ride out here"

says the VOICE.

"It must have been tough on you as a sensitive"

You cock your head to one side

someone is calling you

on a frequency you can't reach.

Again, that strangest of feelings.

"I don't understand..." you say

"Then this will help you in your search

for truth and understanding",

I open my right hand.

Look away from my eyes,



....For the first time....

The glittering ball of promises.

"There is only one direction.


someone says..

But don't try to sit up.

Your orientation is screwd.

Dazed and confused,

you sink back onto the pillow.

"Let me introduce you" I say.....


The LIGHT it........it ..........

Red Shift...

Your mind shifts gears as it tries

to understand the invading luminosity.

Strange shapes swim before your eyes.

Changing colours.


....Blue Shift.

Things fade to a pleasant hummm.....

The orb of light is a laseroptic show

taking place in a giant droplet of water.

Little rainbows spread like ripples

across the orb's surface.

They disappear into it's centre.

The luminosity grows till it encompasses

the entire room.


A mathematically harmonious

orchestra of bells


"I am OOmIcRoonOOmIcRooNooMiCrOOn"

in your head.

It plays havoc with your senses.

Some kind of neural de-stabiliser drone?

Your brain restores optics.

The orb pulsates within itself

and lifts off my hand.

It moves towards you..



You don't care enough anymore

You gaze into it,

fascinated by its light.

Take a deep breath,

It's colours are all over you,

inside you.

The orchestra of bells chimes anew.

"I understand you are sufficiently Adept"

[it says?] .

"I am?"

[you say?]

"We are already communicating telepathically.

Hadn't you noticed?"

[We Are?]

You see me from across the


I seem very far away,

and, close-up,


I nod my head.

Once visually.

And Once

HUMM Yes,....Yes,....Yes!

You should feel it now.

The LIGHT in your head.



A huge dam of emotions bursts in you.

The stars shine where the room no longer is.

You are conscious of being scooped up

and drawn forward

with unbelievable speed.

For one brief moment

you hang suspended over creation.

An upgrade to supersentience.

The acceleration begins.

A vast temporal plein of Galaxies speed

beneath\thru you/them uniting\igniting

you/them into a single consciousness.


The bells laserspeake.

You rush like seeds of light towards the Prism.

"But look",

[you\they said\ pointed].

Clouds of dirty matter have caused friction

which impedes your path.

The prism's ultimate light source

remains constant in its position.

Your rush becomes desperate.

Another chime comes from the bells.

It is discordant.


Your heads split.

The room returns.

The Orb floats near you.

It is sky blue.


You feel its power over your birth.

And death.

Your episode is over.

You feel empty inside.

[How much more can you take?]]

Is your mind embattled

with the relevance of it all?

Are your senses shipwrecked

in an internal storm of epic proportions?

"I think that's enough for now"

you hear [heard?] [Say?]

"SLEEP!" says the hypgnosist.

"His name is....FATHER ..glyphs the Orb.

Relief flows through you......

[I love you father].

You sleep.


End of Telepathic Brainwash \ Mindwipe.

Tommorow is your first day in paradise!!!!!!!!!

© 12/12/94 Schwann