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28th August 1996

Hello Dear Reader,

Us sci-fi writers try to keep abreast of what has happened, as well as what's gonna to happen. Here is the latest story to break and after it are some other UFO stories with African emphasis - you decide.



It is reported in our papers this morning that a UFO was sigted over large parts of Pretoria and even further north in the early morning on 28 Aug 96 just before 4 am. An unusual light was seen shortly before 4 am by sgt. Johan Becker, stationed at the "Adriaan Vlok" police station in the suburb of Centurion Pretoria.

A police helicopter was able to take to the air at 5.30am with 5 people on board. The object then started moving northwards toward farming country at high speed.

Superintendant Fred Viljoen of the police air division, said that he did not believe in flying saucers, but "It is the first time in my life that I have seen anything like this. At first I thought that it was a joke when I was called out, but soon came to realise that this was something I have never experienced before. We were going after it at full speed and it still outran me with ease and as it wished."

After chasing the object for a while, it suddenly took of of. The helicopter climbed to height of 3000 m and eventually gave up the chase.


Schwann's comments;

I was interviewed on Good Hope Radio at lunchtime by Lisa Chiat and while we were discussing the 'validity' of the UFO phenomenon Robert Swan (no relation) of their news desk came on and told us that it was a hoax and that Ster Kinekor had phoned this in. However, to confuse things even more, on the evening news, (they shoulda got it right by then), they interviewed the helicopter pilot who swore on TV that it was NOT and aircraft and that it was a genuine UFO. He also said that the helicopter had five people in it and that they all felt the same way. It's motion and speed were not in any way typical of any aircraft. He was interviewed in front of a police chopper and wore his uniform. Even Ster Kinekor couldn't get away with that kind of deception. There was also a video shown by another policeman of the object, which was obviously a disc in a 'falling leaf' motion - you decide if Ster Kinekor knows how to pull a stunt like this, or not.


2 excerpts from the infamous BLUE BOOK

Feb. 21, 1951; Durban, South Africa.

4:55 a.m. Witnesses: three men in a truck, several other persons, none named. A dark red, torpedo-shaped object with darker centre, flew straight and level.

Dec. 7, 1954; Cape Province, South Africa. 1:15 p.m.

Witness: weather officer, using a theodolite.

One white, semicircular, flat object with a dome flew from west to east, then turned north. Sighting lasted 7 minutes.

A report of my own on a well documented crash in the Kalahari....


Mystery and subterfuge shroud 'The Kalahari UFO Crash'.

The incident has been reported in daily newspapers and UFO magazines alike. Some sources date the crash as 7th May 1989, others sources quote the same date for 1988. The UFO was allegedly shot down by a South African Air Force Mirage jet and crashed near the border between Botswana and South Africa.

Quest International, a well known UK magazine printed a Special Edition devoted to the subject in May/June 1993. According to their reporter a joint S.A.A.F.-U.S.A.F called OPERATION SILVER DIAMOND was mounted to recover the occupants and debris. A former Lieutenant-Colonel of the U.S.A.F. is quoted as saying..."My contacts in naval intelligence have informed me that we [The United States] have given the South Africans advanced technology in exchange for a U.F.O.".

Among the threads of evidence is a printed photocopy of a faxed response to a query from Wright-Patterson Airforce Base which refers to a satellite re-entry on 7 th May 1988 and a confirmation of a 'fireball or satellite re-entry' in the same area on 7th May 1988. A researcher at Quest claims to have phoned N.O.R.A.D. and asked the duty officer to provide any information relating to this date and location. The officer allegedly replied that 'an unknown object was tracked on entering the region'. The magazine goes on to state that ..."two totally independent researchers made their way to South Africa to conduct their own enquiries into the case". Each reported that a crash landing of some kind had taken place in the Kalahari Desert. The one report was from Dr. J.J. Hurtak, an American ufologist and Professor of Science, the other was from J. Von Buttlara, a German researcher. Both were able to confirm Military sightings of an 'object' over South African airspace. There are also reports of a nameless researcher who travelled into the Kalahari region where he spoke at length with local tribesman who confirmed having seen strange aerial objects in the area.

A report during 1993 in 'The Argus', a Cape Town daily newspaper, told of claims of an international 'cover-up' and 'disinformation exercise' that is blocking attempts by researchers to uncover the 'truth'. It also named Botswana's Environment Minister, Dithoko Seiso, as confirming the incident.

Cynthia Hind of Zimbabwe, a world famous UFO researcher and author of a book on UFO's in Southern Africa subsequently wrote an article that was published in the 'UFO Times'. It was titled;

"Anatomy of a hoax. The UFO crash on the South African/Botswana border".

This article exposes one, James Van Greunen, as the originator of an extremely elaborate hoax. She points out inconsistencies and discrepancies in the alleged documents as proof. Amongst these are 14 spelling mistakes in what claimed to be an official document. When Van Greunen was confronted he admitted he had faked some details but still insisted it was a true story about a downed object on the border repeated to him in confidence by a friend of his, Hendrik Greef, a pilot in the S.A.A.F, who had overheard it at an officers mess.

From all this it is clear to see that case has been fraught with controversy and bizarre reports continue to add to the confusion. There have recently been claims that a French Intelligence officer was murdered whilst investigating the case.

Additionally, when the author attempted to track the sources of the above newspaper article he was told by the librarian at the Argus. "The file has been 'borrowed' and is now 'missing'"


Note: This article has been ripped off and recycled by various websites. I will eventually track you all down!

some newspaper reports...

Date: 17 Sep 1994 13:20:40 GMT

A few days ago people from the northern parts of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia reported an object travelling high in the sky, emitting a large amount of light. Reports are that this object displayed some decidedly non ballistic movement. And that it must have been MUCH larger than any aircraft we have.

This object was picked up by radar at Jan Smuts international airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. But not (for some strange reason) by the SA Airforce. I wonder why?

Does anyone have any more information on this sighting, reported by many people in 4 countries, and by several airline pilots?

And, funnily enough, here is a documented case in the same month by Cynthia Hind, world famous UFO investigator.


an excellent source of information of UFO cases in Africa.

The following article is from the current issue of _AFRINEWS_.

- John


The following is a preliminary report of a possible CE3K event at Ruwa,

Zimbabwe, in September, 1994.

Full details of eyewitness accounts and soil analyses of the alleged UFO landing site will be presented by Cynthia Hind at the BUFORA Conference in Sheffield, England, in August. (The same conference where the alleged

"Roswell" film is due to be screened.)

Please address correspondence to: Cynthia Hind


P.O. Box MP 49




THE CHILDREN OF ARIEL SCHOOL - Case No. #96. Ruwa, Zimbabwe

By Cynthia Hind

On Friday 16th September, at approximately 10:15, 62 children from Ariel School, a private primary school in Ruwa (about 20 km from Harare) were in their playing field for the mid-morning break. Suddenly, they saw three silver balls in the sky over the school. These disappeared with a flash of light and then reappeared elsewhere. This happened three times and then they started to move down towards the school

with one of them landing (or hovering) over a section of rough ground made up of trees, thorn bushes, and some brown-grey cut grass with bamboo shoots sticking up out of the ground. The children are not allowed in this area although it is adjacent to their playing field and is not fenced off, because of snakes, spiders and perhaps other harmful creatures. One can soon disappear from view while walking here, and there is only one very rough track used by tractors in an attempt to clear this area.

There is a line of electricity pylons and according to one boy, the object followed along this line prior to landing. There is also some controversy as to whether the object _landed_ on the ground or hovered above it. On Tuesday, 20th September, I went out to the school with a BBC reporter and their television equipment, as well as my son and Gunter Hofer, a young man who builds his own electrical equipment, viz, a Geiger counter, a metal detector and a magnetometer, to try and see if the object left any traces behind.

The headmaster of the school is Mr. Colin Mackie, who was most co-operative, and although he had never been involved with UFOs or a believer in them, said that he believed the children had seen what they said they saw.

I was able to interview about 10 or 12 older children and this was recorded for BBC television.

One eyewitness, Barry D., said he had seen three objects flying over, with flashing red lights. They disappeared, and reappeared almost immediately, but somewhere else. This happened about three times. Then they came and landed near some gum trees; Barry said the main one (object) was about the size of his thumb nail held at arm's length. The reports were similar although some children were more observant than others. The consensus of opinion was that an object came down in the area where they indicated, about 100 metres from where they were at the edge of the school playing field. Then a small man (approx 1 metre in height) appeared on top of the object. He walked a little way across the rough ground, became aware of the children and disappeared. He, or someone very like him, then reappeared at the back of the object. The object took off very rapidly and disappeared. The little man was dressed in a tight-fitting black suit which was 'shiny' according to one observant girl (11 years of age). He had a long scrawny neck and huge eyes like rugby balls. He had a pale face with long black hair coming below his shoulders.

I had suggested to Mr. Mackie prior to visiting the school and before the children had been interviewed, that he let the children draw what they had seen and he now has about 30-40 drawings, some of which are very explicit and clear, although some are rather vague. The children's' ages vary from 5/6 to 12 years. I have 22 photocopies of the clearer drawings

as Mr. Mackie kindly allowed me to page through the pictures and choose those I wanted. Most of the descriptions are similar but some of the craft are very obviously 'flying saucers', and I wonder how many of these children have had access to the media. Others are crude but more or less

in this saucer shape.

The children vary in cultures: there are black, white, coloured and Asian children. One little girl said to me, 'I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth.' I could see the pleasure on her face when I told her that I believed her. The smaller children from 5-7 years were very frightened at the time and ran shouting 'Help me, help me.' When the older children asked why they were saying this, the reply was, 'He is coming to eat us.' I should think this applied more to the black African children who have legends of _tokoloshies_ eating children.

Their teachers were in a meeting and did not come out. When I queried the headmaster about this he said the children always shouted and yelled during their playtime and no-one thought there was anything unusual going on. The only other adult available at the time was one of the mothers

who was running the tuckshop. When the children came to call her, she did not believe them and would not come out: she was not prepared to leave the tuckshop with all the food and money. Gunter and the men thoroughly examined the ground around where the children had seen the object, but could get no reaction on the geiger counter or any other equipment. If the object was hovering perhaps nothing would show.

I walked, on my own, along the electricity pylons for quite a away, caught up in thorn bushes, trampling blithely over snake holes and discarding all caution. I found no place where some object could have landed and pressed down the foliage. In fact, I should think the bamboo stumps would have been a deterrent. The day was hot, around 33 C (91F)...

Dr John Mack was visiting Zimbabwe at the time of the event, and he spent two days at Ariel School with the children. He also spoke to the Headmaster, Colin Mackie, the teachers and some of the parents. John and his fellow researcher, Dominique Callimanopulos, were able to get through to the parents and teachers and convince them that even if they did not believe the children, it was counter-productive to accuse them of lying. Listen and think about what they were saying, he advised. His particular interest in child psychiatry was also of great use during the questioning and many former hidden memories came to light, something John is sure to make public when he has had a chance to reassess his interviewing.(sic)

There is a lot more to this incident than has been uncovered now and we will report further in _UFO AFRINEWS_ No. 12.

[Article reproduced with permission]




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Subject: UFO's over Africa From: Schwann <schwann@aztec.co.za>

I posted these articles under seperate headings on a.a.v. I have combined them here.

respect, schwann-cyber-shaemon


Sitings took place on Wednesday 29 th March above the M1 freeway near the city centre during rush hour traffic. There were 7 to 10 in number, shaped liked coins and changed colour. Additionally a siting was made near Bloemfontein on the same day. The police were called in by a farmer who claimed that a UFO had hovered over his farm house. Air Force and Weather Bureau spokesmen have confirmed that there was no air traffic or weather balloons in the two area at the relevant times. Table Mountain Research Node was engaged in a UFO hunt on the same evening. We had gone down to a deserted beach in the hope of a siting. Although nothing obvious showed we were treated to several blue globe type heavenly objects which displayed characteristics similar to those of a planet in a South Westerly direction....ie steady light. On returning home the author checked on Skymap 2.2 and discovered that there were no planets visible in this direction and that the only planet above the horizon at the time was Mercury which was North,. coincidence?



Inus a friend of mine translated the bit below from an Afrikaans Newspaper. It was not reported in the English papers.

Translation from Die Burger, Cape Town, Friday 31 March 1995, p5 "Vrystaatse vlie"ende piering h'et bakkie laat stol, s^e boer"

Free State Flying Saucer _did_ stall truck, says farmer Own office: Bloemfontein

A flying saucer as wide as the road and between 6 and 9 m high landed in the road in front of him, according to a Coligny farmer. "I know people will dismiss it as rubbish and will think I'm crazy, but I definitely did see it. I _had_ to report it to the police", Mr Jan Pienaar (45) said to our Bloemfontein office. Several people from Bloemfontein alleged that they also saw a UFO yesterday- one even captured it on videotape. Mr Pienaar was travelling at 7.30am on the road between Coligny and Brakspruit when he encountered the flying saucer.

"It suddenly stood right in front of me in the middle of the road. My truck stalled and when I got out something like a magnetic field prevented me from moving. The UFO was about 90 m from me. It stood on three legs and hummed softly, like an electric motor.

"It was beautiful - metallic like stainless steel, but also in a strange way transparent. It also had red, green and purple lights. The shape was like an upside-down bowl with two ridges on top.

"After about three minutes the legs on which it stood slowly lifted from the ground and folded away. I could see a row of small windows on the top ridge, before it rose as fast as a lightning bolt" A police spokesman said the Bloemfontein flying squad was notified about 2.20am yesterday of the UFO. Members of the service saw a bright light and a member of the public captured it onn videotape. According to Mr Matie Hoffmann, physicist and amateur astronomer, it could be a weather balloon, kite or anything with a sharp light.--

Elizabeth Klarer claimed that;

quote; "South African scientists had discovered a "death trap above Cape Town and the South Atlantic where there is a tendency towards the formation of a third "world magnetic pole" which bends radiation downwards. This dangerous

radiation now penetrates deep into the atmosphere and the anomaly, an area of magnetic disturbances, can be a prelude to a polar region of intense magnetic power."

and here is an article by me on Credo Mutwa and the same UFO case that Cynthia discusses above. He is, btw, one of our foremost African seers.

Tuesday 9.43 PM 22/11/94




Tonight at 8.30 SA time we were treated to the rare spectacle of a half a dozen CHILDREN AGED 8-12 attesting ON tv to the fact that a group of them had seen a group of four or five UFOs. Sentients with large eyes, long black hair wearing shiny black one piece suits had made themselves known.

The ships had then departed. The witnesses to this encounter are a group of schoolchildren at the Areal School in a town called Ruwa not far from the capital of Harare. The date is 16 September 1994. Cynthia Hind, Southern Africa's most well known UFOlogist had a few words to say, but the children stole her show with their innocent and honest faces. They had all drawn crayon pictures of the craft. The pictures were all the same..This I saw with my own eyes.

We had Dr. John Mack on the same show. What is he doing in Africa? But the star of the show was the South African Sangoma Wiseman CREDO MUTWA.

He is well known for his disturbingly correct prophecies.

One of these was the prediction of Hendrik Verwoerds

assassination. Credo Mutwa stormed the program with

figurines of aliens looking exactly like the various races

we suspect to co-inhabit our planet with us. These figurines have long been in the possession of the African nations. He attested to the fact that the African nations coexisted with aliens in Africa for hundreds if not thousands of years.

He made the disturbing allegation that the Europeans who first 'colonised' Africa were mistaken for these 'other,' star people. Credo Mutwa has also said that AIDS can be cured by a SONIC SCAN or AUDIO FREQUENCY scan of some kind. This does not harm the person, only the virus.

Surely this is worth investigating?

There is a video available of his prophecies.

He is very convincing!

And Frightening!


schwann from Cape Town South Africa

well, there you have it folks..enjoy Battlestar Galactica:)