"there is a whole new dimension out there to explore and we won't find it through vaporizing

millions of tonnes of rocket fuel - The last frontier is within our own heads".Terence Mckenna


Once I was beholden

Twice I was told

Many times since

The coffee was cold.

The future is here - don't be late

Warning: Timestamps unreliable.

Data indicates that if we continue to spend long periods in altered states

time may be become impossible to calculate.


I ran. But no one tried to stop me because It's Monday and all good citizens are busy in the system. Suits nursing tennis elbow and hangovers mourn lost sleep on the red-eye flight to Taipei while I dreamed. This is when the 'jokers' in the pack have the world to themselves. You see the strangest dreams floating around Cape Town on a Monday. (In your city too). Where do they come from? What am I really trying to do? This is real. Not a drill. I've learned to try and take them on one by one. Rider holds the bridge. It only takes a few good souls. That kind of stuff. Walking dreamtime cuts through it. Somebody cares. Survival keeps us in motion while battle for control of minds rages around us. Discontinuous reality is real. It takes voltage to see. Gunshot wounds to the head appear in strange places.

Yaknow sci-fiction is only people seeing the river of time and accurately predicting upcoming phenomena. Reality is stranger than this because it encompasses that which cannot be explained.

delurk: In the hermetic tradition arch-angels are stationed at the cardinal points of the circle while the cthonic entities were bound to the corner points of a square. Realizing this we should start wondering what the real purpose to 'squaring of the circle' is, and what constitutes 'proper' use of the shew-stone MNIZOURIN.

The Ayahuasceros have a saying: "Thoughts are like arrows, so one must always be careful to place them so they do not wound".

The reverse is also possible.

Perspectives ever changing. Focus on the unfocusable. Overlays. Heartbeats like giant footsteps in hollow deserted places. Background windows. Unidentifiable forms. Icons. Trying to put it all down. This life. This time. These things. Work. Memes live. Formats we can't see. We are the dust that scatters from a fireplace after the trancedance is over. Dimensions mingling at Xanctu. Exchange point. Engines work. Energies slingshotting. Back and forth. Mating for finite eternities. Infinite fractals of benign abnormalities. Novelty. Inverse universe. A laughter barrier. So whats next? hehe...


Brotherhood of Scum: Special Edition:

Hey Citizen; Still online while our Poiticos use up more of nature's favours? Take a break while Rome burns, in any case there's no kill-file effective at keeping me out of your head so you might as well read on. I seek data on the following; Command structures planning to take over our planet; Names of those who seek to remain nameless; Scientific facts on Hale-Bopp being kept secret; Knowledge regarding the supposed increase of the Schumann Resonance.

And what does all the above have to do with earthquakes?

Do you seek tonic within the neural network of the electronic bypass you've created within reality? This aint no recce, definitely not a drill. Things move slow in the future, fast in the past and FYI the Internet is undergoing a profound shift from being a participatory medium that serves the interest of the public, to a broadcast medium. So post while you can. Also stay tuned and keep looking up because it's comet time again in cyberspace and theories are rife. You can see it through NASA's cyclopean eye at 'http://newproducts.jpl.nasa.gov/comet/index.html'. For those who think big consider these facts. In March '97 not only will Comet Hale-Bopp be at its closest approach to Earth during a solstice (Earth Closest Approach: March 22, 1997), but there will be a total Solar Eclipse on March 9 and also a planetary alignment of : Mars - Earth - Moon - Sun - Mercury - Venus - Jupiter - Saturn. Check it out at www.halebopp.com


So how many people on Usenet read Sumerian cuneiform? The Internet can give us this, and other arcane facts, but thankfully it's now up to the individual what to believe in - not Government. A pleasant change.



"We are shining songs of light whirling into the technological night.

We cut and paste ourselves into many shapes and sizes.

We manipulate text and images and sounds into extasies of impossible thoughs.

We are not afraid of the blue beam.

We are the last true artists on this planet

Some incredulous newbie recently wrote; "what kind of asshole writes stuff like that?"