Tuesday 15/8/95

From: Democratic Cyberspace.

Today at 2.30 the South African Minister of Posts and Telegraphs, Dr. Pallo Jordan, went live on IRC, and endured nearly two hours of heckling by more than 200 'netties' from all over the country. He proved that he had the guts and stamina to take democratic spirit into Cyberspace.

I guess you had to be there to feel the energy that was flowing. There was a FEELING in the air, as if all of us were aware that channel #telecomms was FULLY LOADED.

There was so many people up on the channel that sometimes the messages ran into each creating double-talk and strange sentences. We had expected no less. It was a big day for us out there. We got personal attention from a Minister who's responsibility it is to ensure the democratic freedom of cyberspace. Dr. Jordan will no doubt be reflecting on many things tonight and I was only sorry that no one let him warm up before bombarding him with a plethora of political and technical questions. I'm sure the pressure on him was intense.

He is reputed to have personal access to the Net and is thus to be encouraged to travel just as freely in it as any of us do. The questions posed were more of a Real Time nature and did not manage to take a creative direction. However, the headspace was definitively carnival, and the chat was of a symbolic nature.

My personal contribution to the event was phoning Parliament and getting the opinion of Professor Jeffrey Peires [MP] while simultaneously logged on to the chat.

His added enthusiasm for the event was encouraging.

All in all a very interesting experience, and, to the best of my knowledge, Dr. Jordan is the first major league politician controlling a countries telecommunication network, who has taken this step.

He is to be commended for his bravery and democratic wisdom

He was later seen at the I-Cafe in Long Street.

He was reported to be in high spirits.

Once again, Thanks Pallo!!!!

Below follows a short cut and paste of the flow.


[BeamJack] point by WCsn: Question: Do you have a policy of promoting data networking

[Virgin] minister : what about radio-telephone?

<Schwann> Cost savings must be passed on to the SCHOOLS..givem computers and modnetwork

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<Schwann> The Schools are our future..

[SERVER] johan's nickname is now blow

[Twylite] Minister: is there any intention of de-restricting the "scientific" band (high frequency radio band),

<Schwann> Minister: again, you are to be commended for taking us on like this:)

[Jon_] Min: Telkom plans to enter direct-to-home broadcasting market. How will this be regulated?

[BeamJack] is telkom then not hampering development in SA

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[SERVER] eT's nickname is now watcher

[MinZPalo2] TELKOM has a long way to go to improve its [service?]SERVER]

<Schwann> :Will schooling benefit from costcuefficiency, service [SERVER] #telecomms :Cannot send to chan

[MinZPalo2] [BeamJack] some point by graham: how will infomation pNo, it is [BeamJack] relate to telecomms policy

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[SERVER] Mel5!Hendrik@ ha[SERVER] [SERVER]

Anthony has left this chanMel5 has left this chnot [BeamJack] point by gregm: if telkom sthampering deprovision [SERVER] Anthony!brooks@goth.ee.wits.ac.za has joined

[MinZPalo2] Thinking about it

[MinZPalo2] Telecomms is [SERVER] jeff has quit IRC Ping timeoubackbone for [SERVER] [SERVER] bud has quit IRC Leaving

[MinZPallo] five years is the envisaged timeframe

<Schwann> Minister: What are your plans for Schools in Cyberspace?


here are some of those who were up...

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<Schwann> Minister: We are the SYMBOLIC PROCESSORS

[MinZPallo] it's under consideration

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