Galactic Politics: An Update

Many species and divergent cultures swim upstream though space-time in our physical universe. We may think that the past leads through the present and into the future, but sometimes a 'Door' opens and time flows in another directions. This is that kind of a story.

More than a million years ago the outermost reaches of the 'Dead Star' cluster collide with the Great Arm of the MENGEL-3 Galaxy. Some time later Element 115 is discovered and faster than light travel through warpspace becomes a reality. Interstellar travel is costly and dangerous but dominant species begin to expand. The humanoid expansion grid eventually bands together and becomes 'The Merkabian Empire'.

'The Great War' breaks out between the reptilian 'Uxot Federation' and various humanoid bipedal cultures. Thousands of years of conflict ensue during which time planets are destroyed and civilisations are wiped out. At the battle for the element rich, 'Twinne Yashtoor' system, Pterryxi hordes exit warpspace and throw themselves against the Merkabian battle line in a struggle which rages over light years. This is the last, and bloodiest space battle of the 'Great War'. Both fleets are decimated. Warptroopers facing certain death exit into deepspace when their ships are destroyed. They continue the conflict in bloody suit-to-suit vacuum combat. This eventually turns into a personal battle for life support. Cycles pass. Many lights wink out. A temporal event sequence occurs. A legendary race of advanced sentients called 'Annedoti' unexpectedly appear in spaceships of shifting blue light, causing sub-acoustic explosions and system malfunction for all combatants.

This is a period, about which, not much is known. Warptroopers are rescued by strange blue beams and some later claim to have been resuscitated after flat-lining. No intership communication is permitted by the Annedoti but many sentients both with and without personal communications equiptment receive strange messages. Opposing personnel get connected to each other. The spacer legend of 'Xanctu', tells of 'a joining across time and space' which was experienced by the survivors of 'Twinne Yashtoor'.

Many legends are born by the sudden intervention of the powerful and mysterious amphibious species called, 'Annedoti'. No technical reason is ever found to explain how the Annedoti siphoned power off thousands of warpships, leaving just enough juice for life support. The glowing blue Annedoti mothership accusingly changed colours to horrifying red, bearing witness to blackened dead metal adorned with broken, spinning bodies that scattered the starfield. It is has never been discovered how these ships operate.

The Annedoti thus mediate a stunned peace.

Not much is reliably known about what actually happenned at Twinne Yashtoor, or indeed what really caused radically opposed forces to form 'The Supreme Council Of Nine', but it must be noted here that, because of the lack of data, some galactic historians have only used the Annedoti as a model of a technically superiour race which provided fair witness between erstwhile foes, and have left out that which cannot be explained. However, they do report, that some solars after this 'event', another 'Gathering' took place at Twinne Yashtoor.

At this time 'The Universal Peace Charter' of the The 'Supreme Council Of Nine' is reported as having been adopted by all nine members of the council. 'The Galactic Clock' is reset.

A decammilennium of peace now begins. Those politicos who appreciate the potential for trade gain ascendancy. Diplomatic contact with the Annedoti hierarchy becomes sporadic. They make known the location of Izimbrri, their homeworld, and fade completely from Galactic Politics. A race called the Baracora appear to coexist with the Annedoti on Izimbrri. The Baracora negotiate and handle all tourist enterprises on the planet. A pilgrimage to Izimbrri is a spiritual experience, but most tourists depart without actually seeing one of the enigmatic Annedoti. There have been exceptions.


Now once again is the bipedal humanoid expansion grid aligned against that of the Reptoids's. Merkabian and Uxot invasion fleets impatiently orbit unhappy planets and await command directives (and co-ordinates) before beginning the first stage of invading 'The Galaxy Of The Younger Stars'.

Strategists on both sides carefully await their advantage.

As offworld contact with Teraa is expressely prohibited in the original 'Universal Charter' of the Council Of Nine, (until such time as certain undisclosed provisions have been made), any conflict in the sector will signal the collapse of Council and Charter and effectively nullify ten thousand solars of peace.

Valued reader, this will rudely prod the planet Teraa from the status of a protected and ignorant Rim enclave to one of 'vassal planet'.

At the time of writing "The Universal Peace Charter" still stands.

Additional Rim Data

The Rim. A mysterious half-charted sector thousands of parsecs beyond the direct influence of interstellar politics. Renegade ships have dissapeared forever into this largely unknown sector. Empire and Confederation deal with independent traders rather than risk losing fully armed warpships. Semi-Independant Orbitals and asteroid based mining communties survive here by trading tek services and raw material with the starborn in return for onworld goods. Ships serving many masters visit and exchange goods and information at these outposts.

At the outer reaches of this starfield lies a single yellow dwarf star. The spectral intensity radiated by its surface gases are at wavelengths near 5000 angstroms giving it a characteristic yellow color. The isolated system comprises of ten planets.

One has created life. Earth. Third planet out from Soleil. Inhabitted by many different creatures but dominated by a sentient bipedal humanoid species known as, 'homo sapiens', 'humans', or sometimes just 'man'. Though sporadic landing have taken place for various reasons 'man' is almost completely ignorant of Galactic culture. This has been the case for more than ten thousand solars. Teraa is neutral territory. An enclave declared at the very inception of the Supreme Council of Nine at the end of the 'Great War' for reasons lost in the mists of time.

Schwann: Galactic Historian to the Black League

Excerpt from: 'Lost Planet' © November 1995 Schwann


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