and i thought i was an ancient astronaut

brought back to life to fly

spaceship earth out of the solar system,

and, out of trouble, yeh,

only problem was the crew yaknow,

they kept on bickering and

killing each other off..


when you need em?

and then there was Engineering,

a right bunch of inbred specialists,

cept for a few of course,

we always took the cream of the crop, yaknow

....oh..there were some problems of my own too,

couldn't find the people i needed

to make the whole thing work yaknow,

a real shambles it was too ...

then the telephone rang and they wanted

money [again] INCOMING

so i shifted to INFRARED

but it made no difference,

only BIGGER redder smiles yaknow,

sooo by this time i realised i was into a

serious flow of consciousness [or lack of it]

and i'd better keep writing cos

no one is PAYING me yaknow..

and this whole thing is like a bad

SANTANA concert

where they are just coming down

after three years on SPEED

and their instruments are shrieking


and it never is, is it?

so i reached for a peach

and some sulphurous substances

and decided

that if i have to sleep alone

its gonna be with myself,

yeh, who needs the older generation,

cept when theres like no FUEL in the carburettor,

BUT then i figure that its all direct injection these daze

and soon we will be burning the last trees to keep warm and wondering

what we was gonna do

NEXT winter

...hahaha, no worries mate,

just take some more HALDOL and you will soon

FORGET how cold you are

..die baby die..

then i got a fright when it became so real cos i shocked myself

...don't EVER type that again

..smack punch...fool, dontcha know?

Yeh i thought i was cool,

but then there are apparently thousands of

cool people on the planet yaknow,

i hear em callin,

so i put the last cartridge in the breech

and fired the fuckin thing into the air like

there was a chance somebody would hear it,


Hey? no one got shelter for an old man?

Fuckitt..I GOT STORIES TO TELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here we are in the space/time continuum again, it takes forever to get anywhere,

but then time doesn't matter,

plenty of THAT around,

thing is to enjoy what you could become before

you find out that its really over and that you changed horses


midstream and you aren't there anymore and it takes FOREVER to

get back there

and now time suddenly MATTERS cos no one


and isn't it NICE and EASY

now that you are like all the others,

doesn't really matter,

cos after disco there was

only soul

and then they gave us AIDS to play with

and those of us that were lucky

and survived THAT

and the junk food

and the TV era now

hafta turn around

and warm themselves in the glow

cos what's up ahead

is COLD man,

yeh where's the sun when ya need it,

BUT don't give up hope

although there are TRILLIONS like you

all waiting to be freshly ground by SUITS

but hey,

who else is gonna DO anything,

not US nono, we'd rather just talk

and go to raves and get whigged

and then sleep it off over and over,

but then, you godda get in to get out, dontcha?

so i'd rather trust someone

who's been there

than someone who's goin

and if so,

what is it they *see* in 'that'?

heck, beats me,

i only live here

and pay for their schooling,

NOT me i said,

ohno, i'm gonna be where they can never be,

cos that's everyone's dream yaknow,

can't catch HIM,

nah, he's too FAST,

watch that MOUTH

and down she goes,

but can you take that pace?

can YOU

please her FACE?

sometimes its easy,

maybe that's more to the point,

why they milking us like this?

i thought i came forever,

but hey,


shoot out those damn lights,

never enough time, eh?

an if ya wanna be a HERO in here?


THAT message



in your ear.


© 15/6/95 Schwann