Well this site just hit 50,000 visitors, so I guess I should start this page with a rant, in case it seems like I'm slowing down, which I doubtlessly am. Looking back on that previous pictures page is like balancing on a tightrope, or trying to audit the meaning of time. The last few years an accelerated rush, but at least we don't have to explain to people about what the net is anymore. Most of them have some idea:) Getting detailed stats on this site for the first time has also encouraged me to forge ahead. The stats show that you come from all over the world. So thanks for that! I have recently submitted 'Return of the White Lady' to several publishers in the USA, thanks to my agent Denice in LA, who you can see below. Hopefully soon you'll get to buy it at your favourite bookstore store. Until then!

Schwann (24th January 2001)

ps..if you want movies, I got plenty. Access them here.


Ok, I'll offer some explanations of the above pix if you want. Mail me!

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