We netcreatures are fascinated by strangeness.

We wonder what is behind a particular name.

Maybe one such name is


High Priestess of Neutopia

and originator of the


Alternatively, the mind behind

the primal scream of crossposting

that has echoed across the I-Net these last few years.

I was at the airport armed with dark glasses,

an acid T.shirt and a mind full of

swirling questions,

ready to blow her mind,

or do battle with the sword of attitude

which she has always brandished so widely.

It was a cool Monday in Cape Town South Africa.

She said she was middle aged.

I expected someone myopic,

carrying fair weight at the very least.

She said she'd be wearing a peace earring.

I took this to be a positive psign.

I am a cyber-shaemon, ready to pounce.

Imagine my surprise when I see the peace earring.


and fastened to a most attractive ear.

Imagine my surprise to discover a beautiful girl.

I had to remind myself that

beneath this attractive exterior lay

the nature of

Doctress Neutopia, Libby Hubbard,

Tresspassers beware.

Friendship was, of course, unavoidable,

As to the nature of the Doctress's business in Africa?

Why she had come on a personal quest

of significant proportions.

She waited to meet her legendary cyber-lover,

The mysterious Geertjan.

She was passing through.

She was from another dimension of the space/time continuum.

She was strangeness of perception and variance of attitude.

She was anger and pain.

She was sensitivity and restrain.

It was four days we will both remember.

We downloaded into each other

while the ocean, mountains, trees and rocks

of Africa flowed through us.

O great mother Africa.

We charged each other with thoughts and ideas.

Two great oceans exchanged moisture before us

and we saw alien psign on the deserted beach far below,

Hey was that real?

Pass the binoculars.....

An hours climb far below us,

two oceans met on a day of supreme calm at

the Cape of Storms

and you could see the joining of the oceans

as a curved line in the glass flat waters before us.

Cape Point,

I guess I'd love to

show you all *that* place,

take you on a cruise,

you kindred spirits out there.

You know who you are.

Although we may operate

from different dimensions of reality,


our goals are the same.

So it was with Libby and Flix and Schwann,

Geertjan followed us psychically at an uneasy distance.

Yes Libby, true peace is rare.

What did you think on that day?

Doubts flooded your sunlight

and I was moved by your quest.

At that moment you inhabited a far off place

that few have visited.

Did it make the colours even brighter

than they already were?

Or did it dim them?

Only you know this.

This was truly transition.

O to be in your mind at that moment.

The eye of the storm?

Such is life, and deeper things hold as

much beauty as that awesome African sight.

The Doctress's has used her will

as a weapon to conquer time and space

She hovered at the edge of the end of the world.

Many revelations ensued.

We posted in moments of madness

from this far Southern

cyber-command centre.

We accessed her data banks back

home in the USA

and she read crazed and private poetry

out loud to my wife and eye

whilst in Durban Geertjan

must have been having his own

moments of doubt and pain.

Doctress Neutopia left me with an interesting thought.

Love equals survival.

One thing became obvious.

Global Webtrance is a reality.

The I-Net is a family.

By adding our own piece of reality into cyberspace

we each have something in common.

There is nothing artificial about the

intelligence which exists between every one of us

who can synthesise a sentence or deduce bullshit.

We are increasing our state of consciousness.

We must give the impoverished

a chance to improve their living conditions.

We must act fairly against

corporate and religious orders

and not become as they are.

We must not allow ourselves to be dominated by



Peace. Love. Respect

....AND Justice


© 1995 schwann