Bitstream Ritual:

Maybe those of us who've thrust roots hard down into African soil can now begin to ask ourselves; "what's actually happening?" We defeated apartheid but it has left demons of artificial poverty and runaway consumerism as it's legacy. Now there's a new 'struggle' and it's an economic one. Those of us who earn fixed incomes, balance on economic rubber bands, or live downtown, already know this. We've learned to resist buying things we don't need, can't afford, while not drinking our favourite soft drinks. Face it. Most of the world starves. The majority of the minority cling to jobs, media entertainment, eating out and trivial pursuits to escape the harsh global realities of poverty and anarchy. These trends are alive and well in South Africa. 70% of the wage earners in this country earn less than R300/month. Aikona, my bra, how do you think Southern Africa is doing compared to India, China, South America? We compare to other scenarios where poverty and anarchy exist alongside surfeit. So, let's not ask what the world is doing for us in South Africa, let's rather ask ourselves what WE are doing for South Africa, and, for the rest of world. Let the 'information rich' share knowledge with the 'information' poor. Bless the politician who will stand up and demand a comparatively paltry amount from the Defence budget so that EVERY school can have a compulsory telephone line, modem and computer. Let's show the world by example, that, after food and shelter, there is no greater task for our 'peoples government' than our children. Can you imagine laughing, learning kids in rural schools? A telephone line to a mud hut can bring superior education. Yeh, what a wonderful world they will have then inherited. We have the tech. Think about it. Has technological advancement succeeded in giving us more 'leisure' time to expand our conscience? It's debatable. We surround ourselves with trivia. Knee-jerk reactions reign supreme. So take some time-out for pure thought. Go deep. Consider what we actually do when we logon. Simple, isn't it? We switch on our computers. Engage various I-Net programs by entering passwords, command lines, clicking icons 'n such. Then, for a time, we retrieve email, explore links, read usenet, chat on IRC, download files from ftp sites ~ whatever. Finally we log off. But what have we really been doing? Let me illuminate you with a story;

Welcome to Neutopia. Even in the bitstream there is a form of tribal ceremony which survives from ancient times. By proper application of 'Ritual' in his/her daily life, the Shaman crossed vast oceans of space-time to retrieve specific 'information' which he hoped would benefit the survival of his Tribe. You've heard of Merlin the Magician? Like him, we seek a grail. Like him, we perform Rituals. Repeated series of actions which sometimes help us reach an 'altered' state of consciousness. Consider this ~ Logging on IS a form of ritual ~ By proper application of this Ritual you can achieve a new state of consciousness, maybe even alter your reality. Newage technology has unleashed a futuristic form of Tribalism which transcends traditional borders. Following a thread on the WWW can take you across oceans of space-time.

But will you benefit the Tribe?

One Life.

One Planet.

© schwann 2/1/96

:::Loosing consciousness gracefully

:::TV ROOLZ:::

When I was growing up they tried to teach us to trust no one and only take counsel from money. Things have not changed much. Did you know that meta-transmissions from the TV are attempting to control your behavioural patterns? Here in South Africa we only received TV relatively recently. We perceive this as a bonus. Maybe you should ask yourselves if you are still capable of switching off. Hey, it's not easy. TV entertainment is the most popular drug-free way there is to lose consciousness. Marketing has thus become increasingly important to the manufacturers of your favourite products and dreams. If you are not careful you may soon get the news on breakfast cereal boxes.

Your education is already packaged like the latest BATMAN movie.

Read '1984', by George Orwell.

You will understand what I mean.


sci-fi writer and virtual-adept

//©©©""""Qauntum Coolness""""©©©\\

Locked-on to the gravity web i cruise past shadowforms that add a primitive architectural style to the surrealistic scene before me.

Primitive bone waving chimps are circling my fire so i step forward into its coolness and fly through paradigms of sight as the mellow blueness cuts through their segmentation faulted reasoning.

Yes, its the blue white heat of passion,

and the frenzy of orgasm..

its those ways i'm dyin

and those things i'm smilin,

they are better than cryin

its the ways i'm learning,

its better than yearning

what should i be earning?

its the ways i'm grown,


full blown,

its the way i finished,

and the way i began

but now newage is here

and my mask is gone

Yeh, well time to tell ya that i hope you get a reaction,

i love it when that happens, it's better than Netsex.


"We are shining songs of light whirling into the technological night.

We cut and paste ourselves into many shapes and sizes.

We manipulate text and images and sounds into extasies of impossible thoughts.

We are not afraid of the blue beam.

We are the last true artists in this planet"

Translucent with vibrancy

are your words of expectancy

are you just a heartbeat away?

What will you say?

© 12/9/95 schwann-cyber-shaemon

virtual-adept and sci-fi novelist

Words come easily...Thinking is more difficult....

Nothing is impossible.

I get sentimental is when i think about stuff like GODPHONE



The future is a very sentimental place and yaknow i have been there on occasion and yes, it IS getting weirder.

Beginning Deathwalk

Walking ON the edge.

Morphing into cyber-shaemon mode and


The world spins faster now and time

is not what we once knew.

Days. [temporal event sequences]

fly past us, each event encapsulated

within it's own reality stamp.

Sometimes run into each other

and sometimes we have to jump a chasm

to get to the next event/day.

Some don't make it.

Doesn't everyone talk about

how much 'FASTER' things are now?

It has taken forever before things progressed

beyond long boring Sunday afternoons,

but now imagination is rife and malcontent thrives.

The data from the Internet computers tells us that we are Rome before the fall. Revolution. Stress caused by Global insecurities on issues like the 'Alien Presence' on this planet are creating a whole new class of psychotic as we can see by the recent temporal event sequence which has surrounded Dr. Mack of Harvard University. The virulent opposition he received from his former colleagues shows us how far the split in the academic community really is. They are teaching



the American Universities.

There are also creating many dissidents.

There are soldiers of truth out there.

And the truth IS out there with them?

But we are breeding in this environment and the powers that be know more than we do about what is going on.

They are ultimately empowered by the people and for the people so they must strive harder to bear their mission of


if they wish to be worthy of representing


Tell us about the Aliens.

Where is the evidence?

loss of memory?


Are you dedd?

Or is it in your hedd?

Maybe you intelligent?

Hey, i'm feelin GREEN

So keep it down to a scream,'t.KNOW.

I got bombs in my punchline.

An i'm from futuretime.

Call a party and lets flow.

Like you KNOW.

The psigns i'm seein


Terence Mckenna has found high ground

while Jack Sarfatti's


is ringing,

in the Mojave

Carlos Castenada's

experiments are continuing.

and yaknow

this is better than buying a shotgun

'n stalking

the streets of new york

to get people


Truly Fully.....

i like bumpstarting an article like this because neural typing is always headspace and maybe its also fun to read tho I godda admit that sometimes it looks real strange in retrospect cos i'm always so deep into my reality that the curves take forever but hey, someone once told me that sacred geometry will make things right but first you need 16 megs of RAM. There are times that you seem to stand still but when you look back it was like *they* were standing still and *you* were moving, yeh, things are not always what they seem and i heard that November was a good month because 'Mass Landings Of Angels' would occur so I sniggered and then felt guilty like all the others but then November came and how many promises have already been broken?

Re nuclear fallout; Don't buy French wine again.

Nigeria has hanged the writer Ken Saro-Wiwa.

Lobby for an embargo on Nigerian oil.

more headspace/downloading/sec

Dynamo Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

One for the energy crisis...!!!!

Greetings Sentients;

I proposed the concept of; 'The final gasp of the Millennium' ;

So breath deep,

low oxygen content

distracts thought processes

and our real concerns are paying the cosmic rent.

Plagues surround us and poverty and injustice battle for ratings on the daily news.

Be happy while yr living

For yr a long time Zead

Time is Love

Let it wash over you

Let time rain dawn!

we are torn asunder

by storms long forgotten

we never sleep,.

ever looking.......

ever finding......

Love keeps us warm

through the dark

no despair........

when angels

are in the air!

we all One!

Time is Love

Let it wash over you

Let time rain dawn!

Neurotyping from 3D Headspace

Words come easily...

Thinking is more difficult....

Nothing, is impossible.

Surges of intelligence and uplifting energy

are getting to us.

These are heady times.

We experience many new feelings

as the planetary consciousness

rushes towards the millennium.

In our akashik memory a merger

is taking place

Past Present and Future.

[Your subconscious mind

checks the flow;

It says;]

"Please try to write something I can understand".


"No problem. What about this fundamental issue?";

"Is Truth is an Objective Reality

to Which humans must submit and conform?

Or, is Truth a Subjective Reality

which must conform to man's image?"


Then things got worse.

The 'Battle of the Morons' ensued.

And if you were intelligent you kept it to yourself and

feared those who rambled incoherently.


you dropped out, and starved.


help was on the way.


Why act like you don't know?

Reinventing yourself

can often be the only sensible thing to do.

Reinventing others?

Well, that's borderline between politics and art.

Our present headspace is a lethargic state of mind.

It takes a high escape velocity

to leave 1D Headspace.

Neurotyping is about the validity of using

non-standard verbiage and format to make

text shine more brightly.

Marshall Mcluhan coined the phrase "Global Village".

He considered that the communication medium exerts so strong an influence on the process of communication that it virtually controls what is communicated.

free-fall-flow-of-consciousness to y'all

© schwann-cyber-shaemon

On Paradigm Reconstruction....

I met this very strange girl over lunch today. She had ovoid green eyes with huge black pupils. Also a pointed tongue.

She was definitively *not* normal.

Later I hit the pavement. Its cool outside. Real 'End of the World' type weather. Clouds fly by after the morning squall has done its usual to change things with wind and water. It's clearing nicely. She is right behind me. Her breast hits my arm as she bumps full length slow dance into me. My nerves perceive this as the equivalent of a detonator added to gelignite. I drop the keys that I've been clutching in my hand for the last 15 minutes. Stooping to pick them up I notice that her lower half is as interesting as her upper. I lock on for an extra heartbeat then stand up. She's smiling. The first key fits first time in the passenger door. I open her door with a flourish. She's like a newcomer to automobiles and lowers herself onto the passenger seat with a strange seductive wiggle. I close the door and amble around to the drivers side clocking her looking staring curiously at the deviants and miscreants crowding my vehicle. I get in and turn the ignition key. The 400 cu. in. engine fires up and I bang in a music disc, drop the clutch and pull away. Strangeness is everywhere. My passenger remains motionless while I try to rearrange my brain.

"Nice transport" she volunteers after a minute or so.

She might as well have said 'Quaint'.

So what's *she* used to?

"You were telling me where you're from?"

"Yeh, Sure was. I'm from...Uh, ...from far away" she says.

There is a pause. My already shredded nerves begin to unravel still further.

"...Verr far away.." she continues.

"Yeh? Like how far?" I simultaneously hang a left to dodge some aggressive pedestrians.

"You saidd u are a writer?"

"Yeh" I nod my head trying to keep it simple. I still haven't figure out her accent.

"Do you believe in what u write?" Ohnonono, A serious question.

This is bad because I am constrained to answer. I try to compose an answer *i'd* believe while accelerating into the traffic flow.

Its not easy,

"Yeh, I believe that there are Civilisations on other planets that have mastered interstellar travel. Maybe I even believe that they visit us. I try to keep an open mind. There are a lot of crazies out there" I try not to sound like one of them.

"So you write about people from other planets?" her voice easy and natural, no stress.


"Would you like to meet one? "

"An alien?"


Her tone has modulated to an abrupt 'no bullshit' tone I hadn't had from her before. Maybe she'd belonged to a military command structure of some kind?

I keep it straight.

"Yes I would. A lot of people out there would"

"Do you find my accent strange" she says, lifting the thought out of my head.

"Yeh, What is it?" Her shimmery blonde hair is playing havoc with my driving skills.

"Ets crryo-teach's verrsion of English. Hadda learrn it inahelmet. Know a few more. FFrench, Italian, Spanich, Chinese. Much like basic, Cept the Chinese".

She spits the words out so fast that I nearly miss the keywords.

A helmet? Cryo-Teach? BASIC?

I'm shivering in reaction but my mind has not seized up completely.

Put yourself in a situation.

Clear your mind and track back to the point.


A science fiction term for intergalactic multispeak lingo?

Or, a common tongue between Xenotypes of different origins?


Fiction or Fact

*You* choose.

© schwann November 1995

3D update.

Yaknow its been a long millennium and this could be an androgynous Thespian class, but November sure seemed to be the starting point of something big. As advertised on alt.alien.visitors [a.a.v] on Nov. 11th, the COA will remove the "veils" and invite the Angelic Hierarchy to descend into this three dimensional reality and make themselves known among us.

On Nov. 22, there was (supposedly) a significant astrological event that only astrologers can interpret.

Additionally, several reports indicate that by the end of November the Government will reveal secret information about E.T.s, UFOs, etc.

Also, Mass landings of Angels.

All in all, we should all be *learning* something soon.

There was also another earthquake in Israel, though not as big as the one that cracked the 'Tomb of The Kings' in the 'Great Pyramid' a month ago.

So what else have i got for you today?

Just yesterday, man,

Just the memory of a dream connected by GODPHONE to reality,

thats all....

or maybe this KEY?

Remove a piece of the 'thin blue line' and turn it into a 0.025 X 8.000 cm line across the page. This 'thin blue line' represents our doorway from/to the 'galactic geo'.

lost in the realms of voluntary madness

local tales of power, lameness and jive.

someone once said;

"Things are not at all as they appear and, in fact, never have been."

Came on vacation. Stayed on probation..."



sci-fi-philosopher and virtual-adept

more headspace downloading at my website...

oh, also try Greg Reeders, EGYPT HOME PAGE ...

it's *really* excellent...

Cosmic Surfing...An Evening

with Lyssa Royal:::::::Report

Surfers use surfboards, Netties use computers..

Pleadeans surf magnetic fields while Arcturans surf light.

Tonight I was privileged to attend a channeling of the entity Sasha by world famous Lyssa Royal, channeler and co-author with Keith Priest of a book called 'Behind The Prism of Lyrae at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. (She has written two others).

Lyssa, an attractive, tanned elfin figure informally addressed the large audience with candour advising us before she started that it was up to us all to find our own keys for self empowerment. Wise advice.

After telling us a bit about herself she entered a trance state in under a minute. We had been warned by Lyssa that the entities would use her natural accent and not perform any weird movements because she had asked for an entity who would not create a 'show', but rather give good advice. Her eyes stayed shut during the session which lasted nearly two hours.

There was a short intro from Sasha and then we were asked to pose questions, which about 8 of us did. The questions ranged from Cosmic Surfing to personal queries on things people had seen and not understood.

My own question had to do with interpretation of Galactic Law and

as an 'Ambassador' for The Star System of Sol, I voiced my concern to the 'Council' that they should re-examine the checks and balances in effect right now. Have patience, was the messages. The chaos we see around us now is part of the plan. Sasha, a Pleadean told us that we still have to earn our stripes by not blowing ourselves up. They are pretty sure we will not do this. While this may be encouraging, it unfortunately does not address the problem of free-will.

What they seem to play down is the fact that we are a 'colonised' planet, our ancestors came from the stars, after biological engineering they bred with the locals. According to Galactic Law, this diverse ancestry of ours clearly shows that we can claim exemption from the laws governing 'naive' planets whose inhabitants are NOT descendants of the Galactic Family and have NOT been gene and socially manipulated for more than 10,000 years.

There are many alive right now who have empowered themselves to be diplomats..They should be shown. They should be provided with tangible proof to show those near and dear to them that they are not crazy..

They need to be believed.

Yes, let us EMPOWER ourselves. Let us reclaim our Galactic Heritage

We ask for Diplomatic Immunity, free entrance to the Galactic Family and 'Council' protection from fear producing abductions, Offworld manipulated Shadow Governments, gene taking, biological experiments and other any crimes which abuses our citizens free-will and causes fear amongst others by 'criminal elements' of the Galactic community who are using 'legal' loopholes in the system to their own advantage. We want these loopholes plugged. It wont do them any good in the long run. Bad karma. They have responsibility to themselves to ASK before taking blood, sperm and eggs out of us or mining asteroids in our system. In return we would be willing to assist any races as best we can. We don't ask for mass landings or atmosphere sweeps. Yet.

But we DO ask that certain responsibilities be shouldered and promises made decamillennia ago are honoured by those now making decisions out there. We ask for fairplay and a gentle reintroduction into Galactic League of Nations from which we originally came.

The message was one of hope from an entity whose lifespan is longer than ours. 16 years was mentioned and a 'wild ride' for '96 was promised and a hint that time would move faster was dropped.

Am interesting evening and well worth the R25 i had to fork out:)


Greetings Sentients,

i send this through the window of opportunity that now exists because

tonight i stood for a few moments on Table Mountain and nearly got revved past my limit by the power emanating from the wind, mountain

and faerytale city below me...(what's *really* going down? )

With me were an American from California, a Canadian from Vancouver, an Irishman and a Brit...we looked down at the city below us and spark knows what *they* though..we all spoke of cosmic things while my old Pontiac lurked like a tech nightmare in peripheral vision..(my headspace seems to come from a dimension i can't see clearly but know it's words spill from my mouth ere i think them and sometimes i can see what i'm trying to tell people) other times i wonder...Easter with it's crosshairs of light will help us to X over..('Passover' us Jews call it... ) actually the fkunzing thing is coming to a grand Unification of dimensional weirdness as yet unexperienced by the majority but much felt by those who have been sensitised by the current EON SHIFT, call it what you will (this *is* a rant after all)..sooner or later we will all have to accept dissolution of out egos and laugh with the crew or be laughed at...i have to report that i have been receiving strange messages from all manner of adepts regarding this...some have (like me) severe cases of creeping shamanism, but they recognise it not or cover it in cynicism 'n such..others empower themselves and are Silver Ones in the stream...yaknow it's a difficult first step (question everything) but once you begin marching an playin your favourite song over and over till you get sick of it and have to find another...(live off the music they are playing) *find* it...over and over till you elevate your ear to *really* hear what crap or what majesty people are dishin out...become choosy bout what you say...TRY NOT TO LIE..but if you do, don't feel bad..just try harder next time and KNOW what you do..hey, it's not so difficult..(you'll see)..things take a while to get moving and suddenly WHOOOOSH

you r away and you don't need no drugs, but hey, if you do it's your own reality you are messin with so be sure to hang out where you can see some light cos when it's really black you can't get no FIX and anywhere could be nowhere..(also be careful what you wish for cos i've always suspected that we only get a finite amount of wishes, but hey, it's *your* future)......guess you know the drill..(neural typing) ....many know that opinions are cheap yet few persevere...some become 'gung ho whatevers' and never get beyond preaching or getting preached at, hey, i've done my fair share (peace), reckon it's time to meet in some as yet unknown place for reasons only hinted at in the Great Books...

we must distil essence of good

from the past and use it to recalibrate our consciousness

or we will be without the extra-vision

we need to guide Earth in her transition...



© 31/3/96 SCHWANN

The Cracking Of The Cosmic Egg: 15/4/96 approx..

Greetings Sentients,

To love is to EVOLVE.

To evolve is to SURVIVE.

Yeh, words come easily -

thinking is more difficult -

Nothing, is impossible.

Did you know that in October last year there was an earthquake in Egypt that cracked the 'Tomb of The Kings' in the 'Great Pyramid'.

Is this truly the cracking of the Cosmic Egg? Are we now more than carbon based humanoids? On November 11th, there appeared an article in alt.alien.visitors from an unidentified source concerning the COA (Council of Angels?) removing the "veils" and inviting the Angelic Hierarchy to descend into our reality and make themselves known among 'us'. Yaknow i once thought no one understood what i'm talking about but i've had to change *that* line since getting connected with people who understand only *too* well..

Does this mean that the end is nigh?


There is no end. Only beginnings. Soon the concept of the Trinity, or Unified Field Force (E=mc3) will prove to provide a total solution to all our problems as we now begin extracting the essence of good from the matrix of Earth history starting at Day One.

Genesis 2 is but a step away - Ready?

The world seems to spin faster and time is not linear like we once 'knew'. (thunderous applause, wolf whistles and shrieks of psychotronic rage erupt from Usenet) - Stand your ground and lets figure it all out. Are we stooges on the stage of life or can ONE good sentient really make a difference? Is 'synthetic mysticism' attempting to plot a course through the minefield at the end of the millennium?

I say YES! (It's my Guru's favourite word). Spent some time wading through usenet t'day. I've read of a Pyramid discovered off the coast of Bimini. Edgar Cayce told it right! (i also read claims that he's a fraud). I read about astronauts who've seen UFO's and then of counterclaims. I read of JC's grave being discovered negated by other heresay. Meanwhile, back on Usenet, protagonists hurl carefully crafted insults at each other instead of exploring common ground. (People generally prefer to argue their differences)..This is the poison coming out of our psyches and maybe it's all for a good and just cause, but maybe those of us who prefer to create instead of destroy can now lead the way into the future out of present day combat zone? We will create positive timelines. (What's *actually* cutting?) I think we are the Dancers at the end of time (Moorcock said it first) and now's the time to begin marshalling our mental resources with care or we will be victims of our own greed. We must show love to our neighbours even though they be greys, reptilians or 'other' for they may be reflections of our inner selves that are begging for release from bondage to the God of (Doesn't) Matter..In order to SURVIVE we must now learn how to absorb the present with nostalgia while knowing that a millisecond away in the future there exists thoughts we must still think. We should try to find a way to think these thoughts NOW and break through our individual 'Reality Barriers'. Indeed, our newage tech has unleashed a futuristic form of Tribalism which as yet has no name and transcends traditional borders. Yes, that's us - GLOBAL MIND - GODMIND.

Call us what you will. Hypgnosis? Hey, we must be careful to avoid hubris, but if we *do* fall down remember it's NOT the end..

GODMIND takes many different shapes and sizes.

GODMIND dwells in the space-time continuum..

GODMIND may *be* the space-time continuum..

Those who have known the anguish of the dark will fully understand the contrast of the light so keep smilin and love thoze neighbours -

you may hafta move in with em..:)


Can You Feel 'The Wind'?...

Welcome to the dematerialised zone;

As the planetary paradigm changes into top gear and accelerates us towards the future it may sometimes seem like we are going backwards. This is because it all depends on which way we FACE.

We each know what we know, but we also need each other to better understand ourselves.

Besides Usenet there are other areas of interactivity, like CuSeeMe, where you can actually see the person you are talkin with. Hopefully this new medium will create a more positive interface than the one

NOW existing HERE on Usenet.

subvocal code projection~

(I note that the *hunter* is now the *hunted*. I wonder whether it's 'HAWKS' will protect it now? Not that i agree with the methods used against it - because i DON'T - but there *is* a certain tragic karma involved here.)

Maybe we should all learn a lesson in humility.


It's enough with smart-ass remarks concerning peoples downsides

and time for acceleration into a positive timeloop. Here we have the greatest invention since sex and we are fucking it away with

negativity. Typical humanity. Once the world was quite different.

Not that some would notice this but stop - look - listen.

Tell me what you feel. Do you dream at night?

The EARTH GLOBE is like a giant Pyramid of light..

Visualise that we are all slowly trying to climb to it's top.

The world is sorted the level you have climbed to..Not by your bank balance or beauty..or lack of it....We exist as eternals on this pyramid, sometimes climbing..sometimes falling..Lets try and do it right..keep a positive slope...mend things..look not for confrontation...OR WE GET TO DO IT AGAIN...


Doctress Neutopia; Gender Wars will serve us no purpose other than to further fragment us. The lesson and knowledge you have brought to Usenet is well implanted in those who could listen and understand. Don't give up hope and don't turn in desperation to those who would gladly use you for their own ends which are - NEGATIVE. This is the edge of the Planetary Paradigm called REALITY and we must all join hands and stand strong or the WIND will scatter our thoughts to all corners of the multiverse..

Yeh, Feel "The Wind" here at the edge of the CHASM.


The Cosmic Egg has cracked and there is no turning back.

Evolution undoubtedly continues as we individually contribute to the collective image of *man*. What each of us does is therefore very important. For if we are to change the future we must all be willing to take responsibility for our actions and allow them to collectively add up to global change. We should begin by measuring our willingness to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

May GODMIND hear our prayers and email us SOON with some

answers we can UNDERSTAND -



Threading the psyche through the reality of occurrence is definitively a poor way to try

and make money in this makeshift world

that still tries to personificate the

ideals of Peace Love and Happiness

left to us by all those flower children

who are now the SUITS of today,

fear not,

their test is still to come,

they may amble the corridors of power,

assemble dinner tables full of guests

at the expense of economy and moderation,

yet they also have a part to play

in that which still comes,

for if the truth be told

we are THEM and

they are US.

Ever hear of the 'lowest common denominator'?,

yeh, it was back way when you didn't

HAFTA think SO hard,

just get those

grades and then that ride into those tower buildings

where chemical warfare air-conditioning units

infected you with the plagues of mediocrity and avarice,

greed and temptation, remember the first time?

What a rush...yeh, i've been there.

Do you KNOW that most of the people out there



what i am talking about.

Lifers, all of em.

yeh, so if there are so many COOL people out there,

WHY aren't they in HERE?

Yeh, i once wrote;

some people can make you feel like a child,

this is a truth not everybody knows,

guard it well,

i'm hoping to fill you in SOON......

Nightime. Dark. Ancient.

Some good news, cut cut cut...hey,

the best news is still to come,

yaknow, its weird to think that someone

'in here' is also 'out there',

to think that i might have made enemies of people

who i don't even know,

to all these i say

"peace brother/sister"...amen...

Yeh, so nightime...DARK...and last nite someone

wrote and asked me what a cyber-shaemon

REALLY is...,

yeh, i told him i was workin on it

so he e.mails me back

>> Hi: What is a shaemon?

schwann: uh, i'm working on it,

schwann: maybe by Saturday i'll have worked it out:)

>> uh, well, like get on it!

the world is tottering... the seas are standing on end... like, we might

be sliding out... eh...

yeh, too right d00d, the countdown has begun in our heads and

there is nothing we can do about it tonite,

cept RAVE TRUE....

'k, scuse me, i'm goin to have an early nite,

cos tomorrow i am gonna hafta

save the world....

Schwann's Millennium Script...........1

Another day, another lesson.

More regression?

Is this the 'end of the world' as prophesied?

Or just deeper into millennium psychosis?

And while i type, the traffic is backed up outside my second story window that looks out at the mountain facing me, Church Spire facing me from across the road,

and though i've got some mellow

jazz turned up real loud,

i godda admit that opinions are cheap these

daze, [my own included].

Most of our knowledge comes from hearsay,

and the people that have 'been there',

are no longer here, man.

Ask Timothy Leary.

Hey, if he was here he would tell ya ..............

"We are BORN alone, and we DIE alone".

Believe me, there is no one incarnate

on the face of the planet

that knows for sure.

Oh, some of the 'informed few thousand' have

a better idea than the 'sheep', that's certain,

but, while they may

express utter conviction about things

they have 'seen' or 'heard', or 'know'..............

the above fact remains as a TRUTH.

We are BORN alone, and we DIE alone. yeh,

So when ya hear things like,


man, yaknow its that


that's got to give,

NOT you.

This column is based on the true life of a

citizen of Earth called


© June 1996 Schwann