Sometimes i feel like Repo Man,

cruising the streets in my '67 Pontiac GTO,

(i've even got a genuine radiation suit in the trunk).

I'm hoping the mind-meld at the millennium

won't become a minefield instead.

The big car's 400 cu. in. engine rumbles

in sympathetic harmony to the concrete sky

but unfortunately,

in unsympathetic harmony to future ecology.

because cars are a paradigm soon to become history,

as we engage new methods of power

to avoid atmospheric catastrophe.

We live in a toxically constructed reality cycle

where atmosphere sweeps by Extra-Terrestrials

may now be the only way to save our

ecological bio-systems.

But don't give up hope,

or you'll externalise hordes of cultists,

or maybe turn into a customer

of some psychiatrist or other.

(If you aren't already one).

Meantime media drone

has added to our problems,

and destructive thought processes

have become a way of life.

So thanks for being a part of

Global Webtrance.



Schwann Cybershaman